Amplify is a three-step lead generation/nurture program that utilizes a series of strategic emails and content-based landing pages. Learn more about lead generation with Amplify below.


A: Amplify utilizes the latest marketing automation technology to help identify highly qualified prospects as they move through the sales funnel. We do this through a multi-step, or tiered, email campaign. Those prospects who have interacted with each tier of the campaign have identified themselves as highly qualified while becoming very familiar with your brand story.
A: Amplify programs are specifically designed to target buyers that have expressed interest in your product type and/or work within your targeted industry vertical segments. You can choose from the Process Flow Network’s available segments.
A: Once you select your target segments, we will compile a custom list of approximately 10,000 contacts.
A: It’s a collaborative process in which our content marketing team works with you to develop a content strategy. You will be asked to provide “seed” content if available. Typically, this includes white papers, case studies, technical articles, blog posts, etc. Our team will then review that seed material and develop a content strategy proposal. Upon approval, our team will build out the emails and associated landing pages, all of which is sent to you for final approval.
The key to success for any content marketing campaign is to focus on the challenges and pain-points your prospective customers face. The biggest mistake a content marketer can make is to lead with a product pitch. In order to build trust with prospects and drive higher engagement, it’s important that you begin by offering information that they can use to improve their operations and/or solve a common problem.

Once you’ve established a rapport with a prospect by offering information on a specific problem, it’s then OK to transition into a more product-focused message.

We generally recommend that your Amplify campaign follows this trajectory:

Tier 1: Focus on customer problems/challenges/pain-points
Tier 2: How does your product solve the problem that your potential prospect might have?
Tier 3: Product info, demo request form

A: Once the content is completed and the emails are scheduled, an Amplify program requires six weeks to play out. The duration of the content creation process varies depending on how long you need to gather seed material. The key is timely and responsive two-way communication between our team and yours.
A: You will receive three lead reports for each tier of the program. Each report lists contact details for each person who clicked on that tier’s email. In most cases, this includes all the key information marketers seek: name, job title, company, phone number, mailing address and email address. In addition to the leads, you will also receive a detailed KPI report that lists topline metrics: emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked, CTR, etc.
A: Upon signing our agreement you will be billed a 50% non-refundable deposit and the remaining 50% upon the program’s completion.