Webinar Marketing Program

Online learning is the go-to source for busy professionals. For this reason, webinars have never had a more important role for marketers than they do today. Partner with us to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership through our webinar marketing program.

  • Work with our content experts to craft a topic that speaks to your target audience
  • Each 45-minute webinar is moderated by our editors and followed by a 15-minute Q&A session
  • Comprehensive promotional plan begins five weeks before webinar to drive registrations
  • Detailed analytics allows us to qualify sales leads, benchmark trends and assess ROI
  • Your webinar is archived for on-demand viewing for 12 months
  • Accessible on tablets and mobile phones
Webinars rank as the #2 most effective tactic for content creation and distribution, behind only in-person events. 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

Dedicated Promotional Plan Maximizes Exposure


Dedicated Email

Our creative services team designs and deploys 2 custom email invitations.


  • Targeted to your key industries/job titles
  • Co-branded to increase engagement
  • Reminder emails sent to registrants prior to webinar and follow-up emails sent afterwards

Custom Landing Page

Registration landing page features webinar summary, your company logo, speaker bios and registration form.


  • You pick the data fields you want to capture
  • Tracking links allow us to track performance and optimize promotional efforts
  • Registration page includes speaker bios and webinar summary

Editorial Collaboration

Our content team promotes the webinar by producing a Q&A session with your presenter.


  • Hosted on our website
  • Boosts interest among our readers
  • Promoted via social media
Display Ad

Display Advertising Support

A 300×250 (medium rectangle) ad on our website links to the webinar registration page.


  • Designed by our creative services team
  • Appears within relevant editorial
  • Tracking link allows us to track and optimize performance

Social Media Promotion

Dedicated promotion both pre- and post-webinar on social platforms maximizes exposure among our highly engaged social followers.


  • Three social media posts before the webinar help raise awareness
  • Posts are boosted to increase reach
  • Targeted to custom audience segments
Webinars have become the primary source of information that buyers turn to at key stages of the purchase decision.

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Tips for a Successful Webinar


Send email invitations to your own marketing database to increase awareness and drive more interested users to the registration page.


Create unique and useful topics that speak to your target audience. Our content experts are here to help.


Don’t oversell your marketing message. Focus on being a partner and information resource for webinar attendees.